Board Update April 26, 2017

From the April 24, 2017 Meeting:

There are three board members up for re-election to the board in May. All have agreed to run again (Rev. Bryan Dugger, Randy Lewis, and Neil McLaughlin). Because there is no other business before the Association in May, the board decided to regard the mailing with absentee ballots as the actual annual meeting and forego having a physical meeting this year. A mailing will go out to Association members in a week explaining this.

We have re-enrolled 250 of a possible 266 students for next year (94%). We have accepted 31` new students and have 11 pending applications. If those are all accepted and numbers remain constant (no guarantees) we would see an enrollment of 292 next year. That would be an increase of 2%.

The personnel update included the positions shared before on April 4 as well as the fact the Kristen LeMaster has accepted the position of “Dismissal and After-Care Aid.” We have also hired a gentleman by the name of Philip DeHaas for the position of “Part-time Custodian” to fill Cameron Riker’s position. Mr. DeHaas is the grandfather of one of our students.

The board approved a policy revision to “Board Policy 3830 Faculty Members” Here is the entire policy with paragraph 6 being the added wording:

3830 Faculty Members   

  1. Shall actively defend integrative Christian education at all times.
  2. Shall follow the curriculum and goals of the school as outlined by the board and/or administrator.
  3. Shall participate in Parent/Teacher Fellowship.
  4. Shall be available for extra-curricular duties as assigned by the administrator.
  5. Shall be responsible for discipline in his or her room except when the teacher feels an offense warrants the administrator’s attention, or when school policy clearly calls for prompt referral of particular categories of offense to the administrator.
  6. Shall strive to be an expert in his or her field by staying current on educational research and data related to his or her subject. When the scope and depth of the curricular materials for a specific course do not effectively cover the range of predominant viewpoints or information available for a given subject, it is the privilege and responsibility of the faculty member to supplement it so that the students receive the greatest possible exposure to the material being addressed. 

The Spiritual Life Committee had been working on this wording for some time and presented this policy to the board.