Voice of Faith October 30, 2017

Report Cards: Report cards will be posted on RenWeb, Tuesday, October 31st by the afternoon.

No School November 3rd: Reminder that there is No School November 3rd.

35th Anniversary:  On November 4th, we are having our 35th Anniversary celebration at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg.  The invitations are being mailed today. The dress is business casual with a touch of flare.  We would love to have everyone join us!  Christian Caine has graciously donated a piece of jewelry to be given away that evening.  Cost per person is $10.  Please RSVP by October 30th by calling the office 304-263-0011.

Terra-Nova:  Test scores will be coming home in student mail bags on Tuesday Oct. 31st.

Martins A+ for Education:  This is a different program than the Cash for Causes program.  This program tracks your spending via your Bonuscard and donates money to the school.  YOU must register your card online at MartinsFoods.com.  Don’t forget to register, so that FCA gets credit.  This is a great way to give back without spending a penny.

“Totally Bananaz For Jesus” from Nashville, Tennessee: They will perform live in concert on Thursday morning, November 9th for a special 8:30 AM elementary chapel service.  TBFJ shares a unique blend of music, drama, humor, inflatable props, video clips, and special effects to communicate simple truths of the Gospel to students across the nation!  Parents are also welcome to attend the concert.  After the concert, students will bring home letters offering your family the opportunity to sponsor a needy child at the “orange table” Friday morning.  We encourage you to prayerfully consider this with your daughter or son!

Traffic Flow:  Be sure to follow the traffic flow pattern indicated on the map in order to keep dismissal running smoothly and for the safety of our students.  Please keep your pickup number displayed until your child gets in your vehicle so we know where to direct the students.  If your child needs to be strapped into a car seat or booster seat, please pull forward into an open space out of the traffic flow and strap in the seat.  This will keep the traffic flowing.  If you have a very young child, you may want to consider pulling in the lane next to the school so that your child does not have to cross in front of other vehicles.

Dates to remember:

  • November 3rd – No School
  • November 4th- Our 35th Anniversary Celebration at the Holiday Inn
  • November 9th Totally Bananaz for Jesus elementary chapel

Did you know?

Since 2006, FCA has collected over $31,000 from the Martins Bonuscard program.