FCA 2015 Annual Report Card

We are excited to launch our first electronic copy of the 2015 FCA Annual Report Card.

January 8, 2016 Board Update

January 8, 2016 – Highlights and Activities of the FCA Board of Directors
Who makes up our board? There are ten members, one woman and nine men, who are elected by the FCA Association for three year terms.
Did you know that board members meet the 3rd or 4th Monday, every other month?
Did you know we have 5 standing committees on which any parent can serve? Committees meet every other month.
• Buildings & Grounds – tasked with care of buildings and properties (including new land development)
• Development & Public Relations – looking for ways to reach the community with news via radio and newspaper, fundraisers, business sponsorships, “meet and greet” events
• Education – oversight and review of academics–curriculum selection, academic policy
• Spiritual Life – tasked with oversight of spiritual atmosphere, spiritual formation of students
• Finance – review of budget, income and expenditures, insurance and personnel benefits

What happens at a board meeting? Here are some of the things that take place …

 Prayer Time, devotions
 New property updates; improvements to buildings and grounds
 Review of budget and finance reports
 Administrator’s Report
 Committee Reports on the Continuous School Improvement Plan
 Review of accreditation documents (March – Accreditation Team Visit)
 Approval of new policies; review of procedures
What are some of the main activities of the board and its committees since school began in August?
• Review of architectural drawings, engineering aspects of new property
• New modular unit set-up, completion of band room and new weight room
• Installation of new HVAC system at existing building
• Systematic review of policies and documents
• Board, administration and faculty working on Continuous School Improvement Plan
• Preparation of accreditation documents and standards that list goals, objectives, strengths and weaknesses in 8 areas: Philosophy, Governance/Policies, Home/Community/Guidance, Personnel Policies, Instructional Policies, Student Services and Activities, Character Values and Spiritual Life, Continual School Improvement


Annual Report Card – 2014

Please find the “FCA Annual Report Card for the 2013-2014 school year here:

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