Land Purchase Project

Faith Christian Academy has recently purchased 75 acres very close to its current Greensburg Road Campus.  This property, formerly known as the Beacon Hill Property, will be the location of short-term growth and long-term growth for the school.  A vision statement has been developed: “Faith Christian Academy seeks to bring glory to God by developing the Beacon Hill Property in accordance with the mission and vision of His school until He comes.”

As of January 28, 2014, Faith Christian Academy has entered into an agreement with Grove and Dall’Ollio Architects to design the first building on the new land.  That “schematic design” phase is underway and should be complete in about 8 weeks.  At that time updated pictures and design concepts will be posted.  The “Concept Masterplan” below shows the location of the first building: an upper elementary classroom building with a capacity of 200 students.

Look for an aerial view of the property: Aerial Photo

Look here for a concept design for the long-term growth of the school and the short-term “Phase 1” project: Concept Masterplan

An information sheet with a pledge card can be found here: Land Purchase Flyer

Thank you for considering Faith Christian Academy as worthy of your prayer and financial  support!