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Volunteer of the Year

Today was suppose to be the day we came together to celebrate all of our great volunteers. In order to present our Volunteer of the Year we had to get creative, so......... We did a Drive By Celebration!!!

We could go on and on all day about our Volunteer of the Year! She is an amazing lady who does so much for our school. She is a blessing in every way!

She helped to get our new library system setup, she works diligently each week getting our pizza slips in the hands of our teachers and sometimes she is the pizza server too, she helps with our Fine Arts Program, she volunteers in the classroom, she volunteers to help the Booster Club and doesn't even have a student playing sports, she volunteers to get donations for the auction, helps with the auction setup all day and comes back to help make sure things run smoothly that evening.

She is always willing to help. During our Fine Arts Fair she gave hugs to all the nervous students who came up to give their speeches. You could say she is our "At School Mom"

Thank you April Byers for the amazing ways you have blessed our school, our students, and our families. We are so thankful for you!

Click here to see the Drive By Celebration.