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Eliminate the Debt

As we mentioned at the begining of the school year, we are taking an aggressive approach to pay down our existing mortgage balance of $1,000,000. We will be updating our thermometer to show our progress.

December 2018 Thermometer

It is so encouraging to see the many ways that the Lord blesses His ministry, many times through you! I appreciate so many of you who have given to the school this past year and especially here in the last three months.

We were blessed to receive over $20,000 in donations just in the last three months of 2018! Thank you so much for giving to the various requests and offerings that we have brought to you. I know that our faculty and staff are truly grateful for the Christmas love gift.  

As I mentioned over the summer, we have made a commitment this fiscal year (beginning July 1) to apply all non-designated giving and fundraising to the principal of the mortgage. After the third quarter of 2018, we applied over $7,000 to the principal. Thanks to the great auction and giving in the fourth quarter, we will be applying over $32,000 to the mortgage. That will bring our principal balance under $970,000 and save us more than $175 per month in interest!

This calendar year is quickly coming to a close and Christmas is just five days away. Our prayer for your family is that you will keep Jesus Christ as the main focus of your celebrations. Not only is He the "reason for the season," but He is the reason for Faith Christian Academy.

There are so many great things that the Lord is doing here and we are excited for the 2019 calendar to appear in just a few days. We know that he will be faithful and will give us exactly what we need.

In Christ's Service,

Eric L. Kerns