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Parent Teacher Organization

Statement of Purpose

The Fellowship shall provide a framework in which both parent and teacher, through a mutual understanding of the challenges and rewards involved in Christian education and of the needs of children, may work together to encourage and promote intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional maturity.


  • Stacy Boyles - President
  • Erin Valasek - Vice-President
  • Angie Whetsell - Secretary
  • Jeff Baker - Treasurer

Projects funded by the PTO

  • Fine Arts Night
  • High School Banquet
  • Bulletin Board Contest
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
  • Playground items, balls, jump ropes, etc.
  • Mentoring items
  • Middle School Retreat
  • Movie Night
  • Bullying Program
  • Praying for the Cure
  • Williamsburg Junior Field Trip
  • New Library Software

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