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College and Career Guidance

Guidance Timeline

8th Grade

  • First Semester
    • Attend the James Rumsey Career Experience to begin thinking about possible career choices.
  • Second Semester
    • Review FCA’s ‘four year planning sheet’ to see available courses and begin thinking about desired diploma (standard or honors).

Freshman Year

  • Fall Semester
    • Do well academically! The WV PROMISE Scholarship requires a 3.0 core GPA. A poor Freshman year can be difficult to overcome. This holds true for the Honors Diploma and other possible academic scholarship opportunities.
  • Second Semester
    • Review FCA’s ‘four year planning sheet’ to see available courses and check progress towards desired diploma (standard or honors).

Sophomore Year

  • First Semester
    • Take PSAT given at FCA in October.
  • Spring Semester
    • Review ‘four year planning sheet’. Beginning in Junior year, advanced courses are now available.
    • For those that have completed basic math requirements (Algebra 1&2 and Geometry) 1st Semester Junior year may be a good time to take the ACT or SAT for the first time as the majority of the test is over these basic classes and they are fresh in the student’s mind.


  • First Semester
    • Attend Shepherd College Fair trip to begin exposure to colleges
    • Take PSAT given at FCA in October.
    • Take ASVAB test at FCA to receive feedback on suitability for certain career choices
    • Attend ‘Financial Aid 101’ class at FCA.
  • Second Semester
    • All students should take the SAT or ACT this semester. Our recommendation is to plan to take each test at least once. Whichever test the student scored higher on (comparatively) they can take multiple times to achieve possible scholarship offers.
    • Create a wish-list of 5-10 possible college or career options and begin to consider and pray about the next step.
    • Take ‘Career Class’ at FCA for classroom instruction on career and college choices.
    • Review ‘Four Year Planning Sheet’ and check credit progress toward desired diploma (honors or standard).


  • First Semester
    • Consider attending Financial Aid 101 again at FCA
    • Complete FAFSA and PROMISE Scholarship application (available Oct 1)
    • With scholarship possibilities in mind, retake ACT/SAT.
    • Attend Shepherd College Fair.
    • Schedule a meeting with the Guidance Counselor to discuss possible college/career choices.
    • Consider applying to possible colleges from your wish list. Contact Guidance Counselor to have transcripts sent.
  • Second Semester
    • Complete final check of ‘Four Year Planning Sheet’ to complete credits toward desired diploma (standard or honors).
    • Aim to make college/career decision for the fall in this semester.
    • Contact Guidance Counselor to have final transcripts sent to chosen college after completion of senior year.

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