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Curriculum Maps

Elementary Special Classes Available

Music (two times each week):
The music curriculum is designed to train students in the basic skills of music and to have them develop an appreciation for music which will honor and glorify Jesus Christ. Students will have the opportunity to perform at two annual concerts and participate in the school’s fine arts festival.

Art (one time each week):
Art instruction is based on the understanding that God is the creator and man is made in His image. The students will be introduced to the basic elements of art—line, shape, color, texture, etc.

Spanish (one time each week):
Students will be introduced to the fundamental elements of the Spanish language. Basic terminology including days of the week, colors, and numbers will be explored along with some simple conversational phrases.

Physical Education (one or two times each week):
Students will learn fine and gross motor skills through a variety of drills, games, lead-up activities, warm ups, and modified games. A special emphasis will be placed on the development of lifelong sport skills and an appreciation for fitness-related activities.

Computer and Library (two times each week):
The elementary computer class enables students to become familiar with the computer and develop typing skills. The library and computer lab provide teachers with an extension of their classroom for accessing information and technology.

Middle and High School Classes Available:

Middle School: Middle school students may take core academic courses, including reading, language, math, science, history, and Bible. These courses meet every day. Eighth graders who are prepared can take Algebra I and receive a high school credit. Special classes in the middle school include physical education, computer, art, and choir. These classes meet every other day.

High School: High school students take core academic courses and select from numerous electives. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are offered in areas such as chemistry, physics, and calculus. High school credit is offered based on the number of days each week that a class meets.

Athletics: Students in grades 6-12 may participate in interscholastic athletics if they meet the criteria of Faith Christian Academy and the Mason Dixon Christian Conference, the school’s athletic conference.

Band & Orchestra:  Do you want your homeschooled children to learn to play an instrument? Faith Christian Academy’s band and orchestra program could be the perfect fit. Your child can learn in a fun, supportive group environment with other students, at less than the cost of private lessons. Our beginning band and beginning strings classes meet on two or three afternoons each week during the school year for 45 minutes. A couple of performance opportunities each year allow your family to applaud your young musician’s growing abilities.

The beginning band and strings class is a one-year course open to students in 5th-grade or higher. During this first year of instrumental instruction, students progress in an accelerated program from “the basics” (how to put your instrument together) all the way through playing chromatic scales and performing in several different key signatures. After the first year of instruction, students are eligible for advanced band and orchestra, a combined middle-school-and-high-school performance ensemble through which students gain more experience and learn more about their instrument by studying masterworks of instrumental literature and fun, crowd-pleasing compositions, in order to perform them in a few concerts throughout the school year. The “Falcon Band and Orchestra” also meets on two or three afternoons each week for 45 minutes.

Perhaps your homeschooler has taken private lessons for a few years, but playing alone in a room with an instructor is getting a little bit boring. The fun and excitement of our advanced band and orchestra ensemble would be ideal to reignite their passion for improving their instrumental abilities. An audition with our enthusiastic, highly-qualified band and orchestra director will determine if your child has mastered enough of the learning outcomes from beginning band and strings to enroll directly in the advanced class.

The instruments that are eligible for our program include: violin, viola, cello, string bass, harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, euphonium, tuba, percussion, and electric bass guitar. (One frequently asked question is: What about piano or guitar? The answer is: although piano and guitar instruction is very valuable to a budding musician, these two popular instruments are not members of the school band or orchestra. However, a student who is proficient in piano or guitar will often find it quite easy to learn a second instrument.)

If you are interested in pursuing this wonderful opportunity for your homeschooler, please complete these two tasks as soon as possible (by August 15th). First, please send an email to the band/orchestra director [email protected] either to begin the process of helping you select the best instrument for your beginner or to schedule an audition for your experienced musician. Second, please contact the school office at 304-263-0011 to discuss the very reasonable course fee and to officially enroll your child in the course.